Now in research news

Now in research news

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Well, that’s a forecast. Here’s news to chase off any wintry chill. Emory University researchers have made a futuristic prediction about the number of heat wave deaths—in the years 2057 to 2059. The scientists examined mortality stats and temperature predictions from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to project a worse-case scenario of 7,807 annual heat wave–related deaths in the 2050s.

CSI for Turtles.” Scientific sleuths at the University of Georgia will be able to continue genetically “fingerprinting” sea turtles, thanks to a $1.3 million grant awarded in late 2013. The researchers have been working since 2008 to collect DNA of endangered loggerheads found on the Georgia and Carolina coasts.

Finally. An easy-to-open pill bottle. Sure, child-resistant containers save curious kids from harm, but they are a bane to adults, especially those with arthritis. A solution: Georgia Tech scientist Brad Fain worked with Pfizer to develop a bottle that thwarts kids but not stiff-jointed grown-ups. His team used “arthritis simulation gloves” to develop a square-sided bottle with a round top.

This article originally appeared in our January 2014 issue.

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