Dispatching Cain in 103 tweets

Dispatching Cain in 103 tweets

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This weekend, Atlanta magazine contributor Charles Bethea took on an assignment from another magazine.  (It’s okay. We understand — really. Our feelings aren’t hurt.) He live-tweeted the Cain “suspension” announcement in 103 pithy little dispatches, then put it all together in a piece for GQ’s politics blog.

Writes Bethea on the blog:

When it was over, a love song—one of the best ever, in this journalist’s opinion—began to play: Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” A beautiful way to end anything: a love affair, a long drive, a campaign. But the song did not belong to Herman and Gloria Cain, who stood smiling (with relief?) behind her husband. Nor did it belong to Herman Cain and his few remaining supporters. His campaign hadn’t chosen it. A fat man in a red sweater hired to DJ the event that day, who worked a Rick Perry rally last week, had selected the song arbitrarily. Packing up his equipment, the man said he hadn’t thought much about it: “I just saw it on my iTunes library,” he said, “and I hit play.”

>> Read Bethea’s full GQ blog post here

>> Read the tweetage here

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    In this case the Mayor is right. But, in a way, so is Blau. Sandtown is, economically, a lot more like Druid Hills than most people know. Adding these two areas would make Atlatna a majority middle class city, by a wide margin. Cobb County, meanwhile, is growing poorer, especially west of I-75. I don&1quo;t know what it portends. Hopefully, more political balance in both places, which mea1 competitive electio1 and a greater assurance of honest government

  2. 2

    What a helpful article! I have cooked for yea1 and have gotten out of the dinner party rat race for thr exact reaso1 you discribe. You have i1pired me!

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    Awow I love that Song do it to me and sing it till this day and love singing it and today my friend on i1tagram told me to to do a prince tribute but I told her I really don&1quo;t know any songs but really I have been singing stuff by people influenced by him and I love that Doves Cry song maybe I will try singing that as well. I think he would love me from the stuff I read and see from him. Like the no cussing in his room. I really don&1quo;t like cussing so maybe thats a good thing. AND he was one of the fi1t dudes to ever where he&1quo;s and put them on in a masculine way. Well I&1quo;m sure people before him have wore heels but he really made them known more recently Be Super Blessfull A&1quo;s:D

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