Spotted! Hunky Hunger Games actors @ Atlantic Station

Spotted! Hunky Hunger Games actors @ Atlantic Station

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The good news? Thanks to Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, the source of that high-pitched shrieking heard this week throughout West Midtown has finally been identified. Actors Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth (Oh. My. God. So Gorgeous!!), who are here currently shooting “Catching Fire,” the second “Hunger Games” blockbuster, were spotted by a young fan taking in a screening of their “Hunger Games” co-star Woody Harrelson‘s edgy new dark comedy “Seven Psychopaths” at Atlantic Station’s Regal Stadium 16. The ever-gracious actors happily posed for a photo with “Hunger Games” fan Rebecca Foust outside the theater. She later became the coolest kid in her Twitter-sphere when she shared the photo on Twitter (photo by @rebeccaaaf at right) and Atlantic Station borrowed it for the retail/residential center’s Instagram account.

Tweeted Foust to friends: “OMG, Liam’s Australian accent was killin’ me…I am still peeing myself” and “My picture has gone viral, people are reposting it on Tumblr and Instagram. Weird seeing yourself under a hash tag…”

Alas, not everyone, like, recognized the teen idols. Apparently, an Atlantic Station mall cop promptly ordered Hemsworth to, well, pull up his britches. Tweeted Foust: “Haha, Liam got yelled at by a cop for sagging. I’m not even joking.”

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    I loved the Masquerada. Sorry to see it move, but happy it will continue. I have trouble envisioning something cool in that space that isn&1quo;t focused on live music. There is already loads of retail across at PCM. We will see what happe1 in the space as the project continues. I will note that City Winery is a live music venue that just opened in PCM. And there are pla1 for a live music venue at the new Atlanta Dairies development. So, I don&1quo;t see why they couldn&1quo;t have kept the Masquerade there while still building their apartments.

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    Hey Bubbles..Get a life! This is awesome Mike! Once again you are bringing something new to Atlanta and making the quality, customer service and more far superior to your competito1. Brilliant! But why is your partner, Chip trying to say co creator of Chowbaby…if I recall he came into the picture way after Chowbaby was open and running with lines out the door??? hmmmmm..Congrats Mike! Genious again!

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