Cast members from Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, to appear at aTVfest

Cast members from Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, to appear at aTVfest

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Starting Thursday, the Savannah College of Art and Design will kick off a celebration of all things television at its Atlanta campus with the second annual aTVfest (not to be confused with an ATV fest—totally different thing). The three-day event will feature panels and workshops with industry professionals on everything from the popularity of web series series and acting to virtual reality and the “second screen” phenomenon. (Disclosure: Atlanta magazine is a sponsor of this shindig.)

The festival also boasts several screenings and Q&A’s with show cast members, including those with strong local ties such as The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, and CeeLo Green’s The Good Life, as well as Archer, and the Netflix hit Orange is the New Black.

A $300 pay will get you access to every event during the entire festival, and single day passes can be purchased for $25. But if you really only want to ask Hershel (who will be attending the Walking Dead Q&A, along with Beth and Sasha on Saturday) that one budding question you’ve had for months, passes to individual events can be bought for just $5.

More information and a schedule of events can be found at atvfest.com.

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    Mr. Lindsay,
    I do not doubt Ria, along with almost everyone else, would support Mr. Clark&1quo;s right to express his opinion. That is not what the outrage is about and it is disingenuous of you, but unde1tandable, that you would attempt to suggest this.
    The outrage stems from Mr. Clark diverting a community&1quo;s respo1e to loss in order to explore a topic he doesn&1quo;t have the spine to discuss on it&1quo;s own merits.
    He used her death to troll.
    No one would support that.

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