Newt's gonna win Georgia, but it doesn't matter.

Newt’s gonna win Georgia, but it doesn’t matter.

Andisheh NouraeeComments

The poll of polls indicates Newt Gingrich will win big in tomorrow’s Georgia primary. He’s up by 2o percent over Mitt Romney.

A win in Georgia isn’t quite nothing, but honestly it’s not much. You don’t win the Presidential nomination by just winning your home state. You have to win other people’s states, too. According to the latest projections, Gingrich isn’t even in 2nd place in any of the other states voting tomorrow. And speaking of home states, Newt isn’t even on the ballot in Virginia, his home for the last ten years or so.

More interesting than the Georgia vote tomorrow is Tennessee’s. Santorum was ahead in polls there, but his numbers there have collapsed along with his nationwide numbers. If Romney wins Tennessee, on Wednesday you’re gonna hear cable news folks saying Romney has gone a long way toward “sealing the deal” with skeptical uber-conservative Republicans.

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