Meet the Other Mayors: Jannquell Peters, East Point

Meet the Other Mayors: Jannquell Peters, East Point

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Jannquell Peters

Photograph by Kathryn Mehl

When she’s not representing her 35,500 constituents, New Orleans native Jannquell Peters is a family law attorney and businesswoman who opened metro Atlanta’s first standalone indoor cycling studio. She won the election for the part-time position (pay: $14,200, plus a vehicle allowance) in 2013.

East Point’s allure
“I was looking to buy a home. I wanted something that reminded me of the charm of New Orleans. I saw a lot of potential in East Point, and here I am.”

Philanthropic hobby
“I’m a volunteer voice-over artist. It’s a free service for individuals who are seeing-impaired or have other disabilities. I go in, they choose a book for me, and I read. I love it.”

Good neighbors
“I think that we have some of the most engaged and diverse neighborhoods anywhere. People will pull your trash in, watch your house, watch your dog. If you’re sick, they’ll bring you meals.”

Historic revamp
“I’m looking forward to the resurgence of our downtown area, our Main Street. Over the next couple of years, people will see a significant change in that landscape.”

This article originally appeared in our September 2015 issue.

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