The Walking Dead Haiku Recap: It's raining walkers!

The Walking Dead Haiku Recap: It’s raining walkers!

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Editor’s Note: Don’t get us wrong, we can be as obsessive as the next TWD fan. But we’ll leave it to others to pontificate at length about each week’s developments. In our view, the essential conflict at the core of the show—living vs. undead—deserves to be distilled in the purest form. In other words, it demands haiku.

Season 4, Episode 1

Rick takes up farming.
Hershel offers sage advice,
“You need overalls.”

Love is in the air.
Daryl, all peeved, has to snarl,
“Damn romance novel!”

Population boom.
Kids underfoot. Story time!
(Maggie not preggers.)

Carl reads comic books.
Tolerates the little kids.
Eyes are dead inside.

It’s raining walkers!
Store ceiling collapses. Splat!
Clean up on aisle 5.

Rick meets creepy girl.
Talks about airport sculptures.
Almost gets eaten.

Harry Potter boy
feels nauseous. Takes long shower.
Walker among us?

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