Meet the Other Mayors: Bucky Johnson, Norcross

Meet the Other Mayors: Bucky Johnson, Norcross

Josh GreenComments
Bucky Johnson

Photograph by Charles Harbin

As mayor of this Gwinnett County city of 16,000, Johnson has chaired the Atlanta Regional Round­table and pushed the $7 billion transportation tax measure (T-SPLOST) that metro Atlanta voters ultimately rejected in 2012. He won his fifth two-year term in November.

Coveted location
We have very little turnover—not a lot of houses for sale. I think it’s a combination of things: the small-town feel; the fantastic location; and the education system in Gwinnett is second to none.

On dining options
For a small town, we have two Italian restaurants, a Mexican restaurant, a Cuban restaurant, a pub, two Southern cooking restaurants, and the coffee shop.

T-SPLOST reflections
It was a really good list [of transportation projects]. The fact that I was able to get a unanimous vote from the elected officials in a very diverse community of metro Atlanta—I felt very proud about that.

On his part-time salary of $13,350
If I got into this for the money, I think I’m due for some psychiatric help.

This article originally appeared in our April 2016 issue.

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