Bruce Munro illuminates the Atlanta Botanical Garden with miles of fiber optics

Bruce Munro illuminates the Atlanta Botanical Garden with miles of fiber optics

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in Technicolor reality” is when Mary Pat Matheson, Atlanta Botanical Garden president and Chief executive officer, describes “Light within the Garden,” the brand new exhibit debuting this month by British artist Bruce Munro. Through October, countless miles of fiber optics and glowing materials transform the Midtown woodlands into an ethereal, luminous stage. Matheson first met the acclaimed lighting artist noted for his sweeping, immersive works 2 yrs ago, and she’s been attempting to bring his installations-a radiant landscape known as “Forest of Light” and five ancillary works-to Atlanta since. “Twenty years from now, children are likely to tell their kids relating to this experience,” Matheson states. “It’s exactly that dreamy.”

Light trivia

Munro first created of “Forest of Light” in 1992 throughout a trip through central Australia.

Laid finish to finish, the exhibition’s fiber optic threads would stretch from Buckhead to Macon-and back.

“Forest” uses 30,000 glass spheres lit from inside, the biggest production available on the planet.

The “Water Towers” and “Beacon” installations incorporate 7,050 recyclable water bottles.

Eleven designers, technicians, along with other staff put greater than 1,300 hrs into allowing the art in studios 4,120 miles from Midtown.

Volunteers spent greater than 1,100 hrs assisting Munro’s team using the mass-scale installation.

Rendering courtesy of Atlanta Botanical Garden
Rendering thanks to Atlanta Botanical Garden

In to the forest

Also opening this month may be the Botanical Garden’s lengthy-anticipated Storza Forest expansion, which Matheson describes as “very Old European-woodland romantic.” The focus is really a large oblong garden having a cascading water fountain along with a limestone bridge-which you are able to consume in the canopy walk.

Around the calendar On May 2-October 3, countless miles of fiber optic lights set the Atlanta Botanical Garden aglow at Bruce Munro’s “Light within the Garden.” atlantabg.org

This short article initially made an appearance within our May 2015 issue.

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