Coke’s hefty problem, Nunn’s memos, and ATL’s “world-class” label

Coke’s hefty problem, Nunn’s memos, and ATL’s “world-class” label


Claire Suddath in Bloomberg Businessweek on Coke’s sales and health issues

Newsflash: Sugary soda enables you to fat. Plus, aspartame, the sweetener in diet sodas, is really a frightening, unknown abomination (approximately states the web rumor mill). You most likely didn’t need Claire Suddath of Bloomberg Businessweek to let you know these details, combined with the explosion of drink options, has finally reduce Coca-Cola’s main point here, but it’s usually fascinating to obtain behind-the-soda-fountain peek at certainly one of Atlanta’s most famous and secretive institutions. One shocking takeaway: Their campaign of labeling bottles with common names of yankee teens is really working:

Within the last three several weeks, sales of Coca-Cola have inched up 1 % in The United States.

More striking than any stat inside the story may be the instance of a “big-boned” Coke bottle by Justin Metz around the cover.

James Hohmann for Politico around the leaked Michelle Nunn memos

Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn got a bit of undesirable headlines when a number of internal memos lounging out strategy was leaked towards the press. Politico’s James Hohmann had the very best Cliff’s Notes around the embarrassment contained within. Our favorites:

Targeting wealthy LGBTs: The campaign identifies an “opportunity” within the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community – noting they have deep pockets. “Michelle’s positions on gay marriage and also the [Human Legal rights Campaign] endorsement give a huge chance for mobilizing this community as well as their substantial sources,” states the memo on affinity groups.


Escaping . before negative media tales: “Getting research hits killed” is described among the key jobs associated with a campaign-communications team. Political reporters realize that press secretaries sees their job as working the referee, but it’s another thing to determine this written in writing: “Part from the communications department’s job (along with research) would be to leverage relationships and discover the fabric to break the rules against negative research hits. Frequently we’ll have fair warning and may try to kill or muddy the storyline. We sometimes can get virtually no manages and will also be made to openly react to the attack or story.”


Matt Garbett for Creative Loafing on Atlanta’s “world-class” status

The scribes at Creative Loafing asked another guest contributor to indicate inconvenient facts concerning the city. Contributor Matt Garbett writes, and effectively argues, that Atlanta is (gulp) “Not a global-class city.” For example, the brand new Falcons stadium:

Therefore we develop a “world-class” stadium, learning nothing in the mistakes of history, further disconnecting entire neighborhoods from all of those other city, and not doing anything to lessen the ocean of parking that stops the neighborhoods from becoming vibrant. Assembling your shed that needs $$ 30 million to mitigate the outcome on surrounding neighborhoods isn’t developing a world-class city.

Mike Tierney for that New You are able to Occasions around the destruction of Friendship Baptist church

Talking about the brand new downtown stadium, the brand new You are able to Times’ Mike Tierney provides a front-pew look at the final times of Friendship Baptist Church before it knelt to Arthur Blanks’ wrecking ball. In that way, Tierney pokes at our city’s disregard because of its past. He opens:

Happy with the racial harmony achieved in turbulent occasions, Atlanta has lengthy promoted itself because the city too busy to hate. But it’s sometimes known for showing little love toward historic and significant old structures – the town too busy to keep in mind – without any hesitation to tear them lower.

Therefore it was possibly unsurprising that Friendship Baptist, its earliest African-American Baptist church, founded by former slaves with the aid of whites but still thriving, found itself within the road to bulldozers which will raze the Georgia Dome since it’s substitute increases nearby. The church will be taken lower, as soon as Monday, 152 years after it had been established.

Thomas Lake for Sports Highlighted around the Braves proceed to Cobb County

While downtown residents coping arrival of the new football stadium, in-towners will also be beginning to manage the departure of their baseball team. Sports Highlighted author (and Atlanta mag alum) Thomas Lake laments:

What’s going to I only say when (my boy) asks me why they moved? I possibly could simply tell him Turner Field was too old, but that might be wrong. It opened up for baseball just 17 years back. The Braves claim it requires $150 million price of enhancements, however it still looks new, inside and outside.

I possibly could repeat the Braves did exactly what the people of metro Atlanta wanted, but that might be pure speculation. Team officials ensured the general public didn’t have opportunity to sway their decision. They created their plans secretly and announced them as though they’d been designed in stone. “If it had released,Inches team president John Schuerholz stated, “this deal will not have become done.”

I possibly could simply tell him area of the Braves’ argument against Turner Field is its supposed “lack of consistent mass-transit options,” but that might be disingenuous. You are able to achieve the present stadium by train and a simple walk, once we do, or by train along with a short ride on the passenger bus, as numerous others do. The brand new stadium will open inside a county in which the MARTA line hasn’t gone. Essentially, the Braves say, “This river’s too shallow. Let’s proceed to the desert!”





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