Satisfy the Other Mayors: Willie Oswalt, Lake City

Satisfy the Other Mayors: Willie Oswalt, Lake City

At 74, Oswalt was initially elected to city council in Lake City in 1972. The upon the market senior high school teacher and coach states his political tenure reflects his city’s (population: 3,000) old-school ways. In homage to Oswalt’s service-he’s been mayor since 1988 and today earns $14,000 yearly-its nature preserve bears his name.

Initial platform of maintaining your town dry: “Everybody believed that alcohol was the savior in our city due to the tax [earnings]. I’d many dealings in class using the kids, and saw firsthand what alcohol tried. Obviously, I’m a teetotaler, never drank. I understood which was some bad information, and so i made the decision to operate.Inches

Disappeared namesake: “We got our name from ponds. Previously, there have been seven [natural] ponds here. Kroger required my last big lake.”

On quality of existence: “I can support it with details and figures, but we’re the safest devote Clayton County. As well as the just one that you simply do not ever find out about within the paper. We do not have turmoil.”

His mayoral motivation: “I’d prefer not to be known as a politician I’m a servant. In my experience, that’s my forte. I like helping people.”

This short article initially made an appearance within our August 2015 issue.


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