The AJC building’s new existence like a gallery

The AJC building’s new existence like a gallery

While no architectural jewel, the sturdy 1970s Atlanta Journal-Metabolic rate headquarters at 72 Marietta Street it was a Downtown fixture. Following the AJC decamped for Dunwoody this year, the newspaper’s parent company donated your building (combined with the adjoining facility housing its press) towards the city-a present worth $50 million.

That old 3,000-square-feet AJC lobby will end up an open gallery because the building will get a substantial face-lift because of a design by Stanley Beaman & Sears that comes with a nine-story sculpture into its facade. The gallery is going to be operated by its Office of Cultural Matters, which lost its space when City Hall East was offered to become Ponce City Market. “It is rewarding to achieve the mayor and city council follow-through on their own promise that, eventually, we’d return a gallery,” states OCA director Camille Love.

This short article initially made an appearance within our October 2013 issue.

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