Uncle Ruckus The Film?

Uncle Ruckus The Film?

When the financing comes through on his next acting project, former Agatha’s: An Idea of Mystery actor and author Gary Anthony Johnson could just be flexing his improv skills again later this season. For 3 seasons now, the previous “Malcolm within the Middle” actor has provided voice to caricature creator Aaron McGruder‘s crazy Uncle Ruckus character on “The Boondocks,” the most popular Cartoon Network Adult Go swimming animated series.

Now, McGruder wants the native Atlantan to experience the “hard working, slur-spitting handyman” inside a live-action R-rated comedy to become written and directed by McGruder. The video will be financed via a Kickstarter fan campaign. By Friday morning with 1,503 backers, the video has elevated $59,598 of it’s $200,000 goal with a 3 week period to visit.

Why an active-action film revolving round the cartoon’s most offensive, twisted and self-loathing character? McGruder explains: “There’s been curiosity about an active-action Boondocks movie, which in my experience was unthinkable thinking about Huey and Riley are basically impossible to cast. An animated feature would cost around $20 million however a live action Uncle Ruckus movie might cost a small fraction of that. So only for the hell from it, we’d an outfit made also it was incredible. To determine Gary really transform into Uncle Ruckus. . . it’s quite the surreal experience. Irrrve never expected the transition to become so completely seamless.”

In trademark McGruder satirical style, the Kickstarter Uncle Ruckus Movie fundraiser campaign’s various pledge levels are named for somebody Ruckus idolizes. The $250 Robert E. Lee level scores a signed script by McGruder and Johnson, the $2,500 George W. Plant level scores a set visit and premiere tickets, as the Bull Connor (yes, he visited) degree of $5,000 provides you with a unique thanks within the credits, combined with the other aforementioned perks. Inside a particularly twisted move, the film’s producers even had Johnson (entirely Ruckus attire) pose around the red carpet from the NAACP Image Awards that is possibly too surreal to even contemplate.

And when McGruder doesn’t enhance the necessary cash through the finish from the Kickstarter campaign? His Plan B is to make a scaled back mockumentary, “Uncle Ruckus Saves America.”

But because the Kickstarter page pleads, “Please back the Uncle Ruckus Movie. Then be very embarrassed with yourself.”

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