Deal signs law requiring mass drug tests

Deal signs law requiring mass drug tests

On Monday, Gov. Nathan Deal signed legislation which will arbitrarily require all Georgia welfare recipients to undergo drug tests.

“Arbitrarily require all,” notes puzzled readers. “That doesn’t make sense”

Yeah, well, how does one describe legislation whose supporters say is made to keep tax dollars from standing on illegal activities, but pursues that goal by zeroing in on welfare recipients with legislation that the) isn’t prone to save Anything b) and it is Certainly going to struck lower in the court. That sounds arbitrary in my experience.

Wait one minute.

Maybe the purpose of what the law states isn’t really in order to save citizen money, but to stigmatize poor people by implying they’re a lot of deadbeat drug users. Maybe, just maybe, the entire reason for this being active is to help the bogus-but-popular notion that being poor is really a moral failing and probable cause.

No. Our state’s esteemed leaders would not do this.

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