Stomp and Stammer’s Shaun Clark could be the most hated man in Atlanta today

Stomp and Stammer’s Shaun Clark could be the most hated man in Atlanta today

On the day having a -5 wind chill, the temperature through the city were able to plunge even more south on Tuesday once Atlantans got phone The month of january issue of Stomp and Stammer magazine. The 17-year-old monthly ‘zine printed and edited by veteran Atlanta author Shaun Clark, is really a self-described cornucopia of “news, music, noise, opinion and garbage.” Across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr posts, buddies, family and fans of Atlanta chef and restaurant owner Ria Pell are utilizing the second term to explain Clark’s 2013 In Review summary within the new issue.

The columnist categorized the bigger-than-existence Ria’s Bluebird café owner’s November 30 home-going because the year’s “Most Overdone Memorial.” He continued to create: “The ongoing posthumous deification of Ria Pell. She would be a nice lady who opened up a cafe or restaurant that helped revitalize a stretch of Memorial Drive. She seemed to be unhealthy and met by having an early dying. Had she not been a lesbian, had she been an upright lady or man we’d have experienced a small fraction of the response. Rather, she was unrealistically elevated into something she wasn’t: a symbolic figure.” Following a Pell fan clicked an Instagram picture of the paragraph and published it, the greater than 5,500 fans from the chef’s Remembering Ria Facebook page mobilized. Since Pell’s dying, buddies and fans from the chef used the page to publish new bluebird tattoos they’ve become in recognition of Pell and also to get the word out in regards to a Krog Street tunnel graffiti community project in Pell’s memory.

After Pell fan Arturo Rodriguez shared the paragraph on Facebook, Pell’s supporters started reporting in. Published Jenny Johnson: “Stunningly homophobic douchebaggery on bold display here, Stomp and Stammer.” On her behalf Twitter account, Atlanta DJ/mixtape artist Speakerfoxx tweeted: [email protected] Shaun Clark might have singlehandedly destroyed your company. Mocking the dying of Ria & her family members is a brand time low.”

Overnight, Star Community Bar mainstay and Pell pal Tom Jersawitz produced the Facebook group Boycott Stomp And Stammer And All Sorts Of Who Promise There. By daylight Wednesday, the page had 684 people. The Remembering Ria Facebook page, meanwhile, published an email wonderful Stomp & Stammer’s advertisers as well as their phone figures, combined with the message: “He has every to say what he wants. But you will find the to let his advertisers know your feelings about him too.Inches

Webmaster for that Drunk Unicorn nightclub Facebook page published this underneath the note: “The Drunk Unicorn has made the decision to drag our monthly ad. . .Stomp and Stammer has printed opinions we have not agreed with through the years so we have respected the writers’ legal rights for their opinions. However, we believe that which was discussed Ria isn’t appropriate in almost any context and we’re in pulling our advertising for such malicious language.” Answering listener Libsy Cruz, a repetition for WMLB AM 1690 The Voice from the Arts where Clark hosts the weekly Stomp and Stammer Radio Hour authored: “We’ll make the official announcement [Wednesday] which will hopefully be acceptable to everybody. On the side note, i was all big fans and supporters of Ria and understand completely that they would be a wonderful spirit, chef, friend and mentor to numerous individuals Atlanta. We don’t whatsoever condone what Shaun authored in the magazine.”

In situation you’re not really acquainted with Clark’s work, he’s steadfastly covered Atlanta’s music scene in excess of twenty five years and first created a readership like a music critic for Creative Loafing. Through the years, Clark’s unvarnished critiques have earned him both respect and also the periodic punch hard. An unflattering Clark review also inspired “Stomp and Stammer,” an audio lesson compiled by now-defunct Atlanta rock act Attractive Eighties Women. While lyrics to 98 percent from the song can’t be reprinted here, here’s a small lyrical sampling: “Jeff Clark is really a **mind. He’s an **hole. He’s a **damn boy of the bitch. He don’t like our band. And you know what? We don’t like HIM!”

Around this posting, Clark hadn’t taken care of immediately an Atlanta magazine request comment. But longtime Atlanta critic and Stomp and Stammer Caught on Film columnist David T. Lindsay is protecting Clark’s to publish his opinion. Authored Lindsay inside a publish on Clark’s Facebook page: “There you decide to go again, giving an opposing opinion (I understood Ria and loved her). The intolerant ***holes would like you to pay for to experience! Funny factor is, Ria might have most likely agreed along with you and she’d certainly have agreed together with your to voice a viewpoint.Inches

Longtime Slim Chance and also the Convicts singer James Kelly (who is another clinical psychiatrist) tried to place the debate into perspective on Clark’s Facebook page: “I understood Ria in the past in the Point [rock club in Little Five Points]. Her sexual orientation never was an item of discussion, not used at all as any kind of affirmative action point. The main reason she am respected and thus profoundly grieved by a lot of people was because she would be a wonderful individual as well as an incredible community activist. What Shaun stated was drastically wrong. I, too, defend his to print whatever he wants in the own magazine, however, he must be prepared to simply accept the effects for which he states, particularly when it’s false. Within this situation, he was simply wrong.”


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